About Us

Our Vision
We want to spark minds that can change the world.

Our Mission
Providing a space, and creative outlet, for marginalised narratives;
Creating a community for learning and unlearning;
Offering an alternative education that centres hidden narratives and histories.

Our Values
This is a space that welcomes everyone. We actively work to support and centre the narratives of:
♥ People of colour;
♥ People of marginalised genders and sexualities;
♥ Disabled people;
♥ Refugees, migrants and asylum seekers;
♥ All marginalised and oppressed peoples.

Who We Are

Ademola Anjorin, 18, Co-Creative Director

Ademola Anjorin is a Politics and Sociology student. He is interested in everything to do with capitalism, identity and the environment. He loved reading/watching fantasy fiction when he was growing up and is still an avid Charmed fan till this day. Ademola urgently believes that we can have a better world where compassion is at the heart of everything we do, rather than individualism and profit; he is uncompromising in this belief. He is the PR officer of Warwick Anti-Sexism and the President of Warwick Anti-Racism. He loves public speaking, debating, learning and radical empathy.




Lanaire Aderemi, 18, Co-Creative Director

Lanaire Aderemi (verse writer) is a first year Sociology student, writer, poet and spoken word performer. She is the Campaigns Officer of Warwick Anti Racism Society and the President Warwick Anti Sexism Society. Lanaire is interested in feminist activism and actively campaigns for womens’ rights and the decolonisation of education through her poetry performances. She recently wrote her first play, ‘you did not break us’ which was attended by over 300 students in the UK.



Larissa Kennedy, 19, Editor-In-Chief


Larissa Kennedy is the UK’s representative to the Global Secretariat at Youth For Change, where she works to end gender-based violence. She is a Trustee of the British Youth Council and is former President of Warwick Anti-Racism and Anti-Sexism Societies. Larissa is reading Politics, International Studies and Hispanic Studies at Warwick University and featured 63rd on the ‘Future 100’ List of the most influential women at UK universities.